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Cover of book Practical Advice for a Better World written by Ben 'LeBoot' LeBoutillier

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Leviticus outlined specific rules so that people didn't have to question where they stood with God. This certainty, however, was only one of its gifts, as the book prepared the way for an even greater blessing.

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The church is meant to be a collaborative body of complementary parts and skills. No one member is supposed to do everything, and just maybe...

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Announcement for Stories of Symmetry Blog by Ben LeBoutillier

Free & Fair Elections

With 74 lines of code, Ben proves that data engineering can give the world free and fair elections. Explanations for both technical and non-technical audiences.

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Cover of book Practical Advice for a Better World by Ben LeBoot LeBoutillier

Practical Advice for a Better World

Ben's debut book

Real solutions for society’s biggest discords, concerns, and hopes for the future... through novel lenses and a collaborative spirit of togetherness.

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Stories of Symmetry

Revealing beauty and purpose through another look at faith, the sacred, and the stories that unite us all.

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